Utilizing Program Development to Address Industry Trends: Thrive, a Successful Care Transitions Program Public Deposited

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This doctoral capstone experience (DCE) sought to expose a DCE student to rehabilitation administration and management at the corporate level at Healthcare Therapy Services, Inc. (HTS), a contract therapy provider in the Midwest. The student was exposed to various aspects of the corporate rehabilitation industry including administration/management, corporate compliance, marketing and business development, program development, and operations. The primary project for this DCE was development of an interdisciplinary successful care transitions program known as HTS Thrive: Successful Care Transitions Program. The program was chosen as the chief project in response to recent insurance and industry regulations incentivizing value-based care and transitions to the next level of care as soon as necessary supports can be obtained, and additionally in response to rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities being highly scrutinized for the misuse of Medicare dollars in the form of unnecessary long lengths of stay and excessive Ultra-high Resource Utilization Group (RUG) utilization. The doctoral student, in collaboration with corporate executives, therapists, and other relevant healthcare experts developed an interdisciplinary successful care transitions program to be utilized in HTS-partnered facilities. The outcome of the DCE is a comprehensive interdisciplinary program that will allow HTS-partnered facilities to adhere to recent industry and insurance regulation trends while providing patients with quality care and a complete discharge process to promote a successful care transition to the next level of care.

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