Welcome to Fallen Crest: An Interconnected Collection of Short Stories on Children of Divorce Public Deposited

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Welcome to Fallen Crest is an interconnected collection of short stories that follows three children, siblings Charlotte "Charly" and twins Robert and Louis "Louie" Stephens over the course of eight years as they grow up with divorced parents, Amanda and Edward "Ed." Each child reacts differently to each situation they come across, whether it be new relationships for their parents (Ed gets back together with his college girlfriend Tasha), or the complications of growing up (Robert and Louie growing apart as they get older despite the fact that they were extremely close as kids). The goal of this collection is to provide more literature for young adults experiencing divorce situations and to let them know that they are not alone in their experiences with divorced parents. There is always comfort in knowing that someone is not alone, even if they feel so, like many children can feel after a divorce. This collection is also for parents to try and understand what their child might be thinking while going through these experiences as they themselves go through their own difficulties of raising children on their own.

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