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Participation in group-based dance activities is thought to positively impact a child's overall health and wellness. Though researchers have investigated the effects dance has on a person's overall health and wellness, Kids Dance Outreach has not evaluated their programs to confirm these findings with the work they do. In this study, the DCE student developed evaluation tools for all stakeholders of KDO. KDO stakeholders included students, staff, parents, and school teachers. The evaluation tools were distributed, and results were analyzed. 254 students completed an 11 question pre/ post survey on two occasions. Additionally, eighteen parents and eight school teachers responded to an evaluation on the impact/effect they see KDO programs have on their children/ students. Results corresponded to those found in the literature in the areas of emotional, social, and environmental wellness. Majority of KDO stakeholders reported the program positively impacting self-confidence, teamwork, and peer relationships. The pre/ poststudent evaluations identified correlations between feelings and liking to dance and creativity and self- expression. Unlike findings in the literature, additional benefits found when analyzing KDO programs included the positive effects in community mobility, language, and education.The DCE student suggests further evaluation of KDO programs through utilization of updated evaluation tools further expand on findings. Overall, continuation and expansion of KDO programs were supported by all current stakeholders in the organization.

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